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Why This Blog?

I was staring down at my Veal Parmesan and asked, “When was the last time I saw a blog or anything of that matter that takes the lemon called a disability and turn it into lemonade?” The answer: pretty much quite a bit. There is all kinds of information out there. Among my favorites are wounded veterans and athletes returning to the world of sports completely empowered and not letting the whole or partial loss of a limb stop from living life to the hilt. In fact, there is a motivational speaker who was born without legs or arms who seems to be setting a pretty good example of it already.

Many blogs I found tend to be very narrow in their scope and focus. I didn’t want to write a blog and find myself not able to write on something just because it didn’t deal with the subject matter.

If I decided to focus solely on the deaf or blind, coming across some great information outside that area, it would be viewed as outside the blog’s focus. I don’t want to have my inspiration be limited by too narrow of a focus.

There are many inspirational stories and they need to be told. Also disturbing ones too. Not everyone, even those friendly towards the disabled are our friends. Some use their charm to take advantage of us. Some might even see us as a scourge sent from God. I cannot help but to be reminded that Germany dedicated a memorial for the Nazis victims. In this case, many disabled were test subjects for the oven’s true purpose in the Final Solution.

The most important thing the disabled need, more than most others, is the need to feel empowered and encouraged to become the best that they can be. Too often the disability gets in the way and at times seen as the end of dreams. The night has fallen and the sun never shines as bright after that. I am not trying to romanticize the disabled. Sometimes the limits are real and do completely eliminate some things as a possibility. It does not mean, however, that the person’s life is a waste nor are all dreams gone.

Helen Keller, both blind and deaf, wrote beautiful essays. Yet, she herself said, she can imagine what a bird would look like but she can’t imagine hearing one. She still was a marvel and her words became a new dream to follow. Her words still enlighten and empower us today.

I believe the disabled are not totally disabled. Disabled does not mean unable, which is the slogan of this blog. We can dream. We can make and lead good lives. We may not able to walk, see, hear, or think like the rest of humanity but we are still here. We still have something to say, even those who are silent. The limit of mankind is almost infinite. We can make a difference. It doesn’t take much to create the joy of living and ultimately show the world the ultimate goodness of humanity.

This is why the blog is here. Here we can journey seeing the darkness of the human family and try to rise above it. We can see those who struggle and succeed beyond imagination and created tools for us to also do the same. Let us join together in this journey of peace, joy, accomplishment, love, hate, frustration, anger and being the object of prejudice as we try to live lives of fulfillment. The world is our oyster. Let’s make pearls out of grains of sand

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