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The Presidents and Founding Fathers

As I read the history of the United States, I figured out that some of the Founding Fathers and Presidents have had a disability of some sort. They may have experienced limits, but they decided to live a life without them. Here are a few:

George Washington

Experts read some of his writings with many spelling and grammatical errors. They determined that if he were alive as a child today he would have been diagnosed with dyslexia. He had little formal schooling be yet read a great deal. George bought access to the information highway in the form of a series of books called an encyclopedia. He was also an expert on etiquette, making him the Ms Manners of his day. Though he wasn’t winning battles on the front he was winning the war as the head of a master spy ring and the main source of inspiration. The greatest thing he did he actually didn’t do. He didn’t fight a war to get rid of George III to become George I. He became the father of our country and one of two indispensable men in the founding of this country. The other had what would be considered a disability too, yet he had many gifts.

Ben Franklin

They said he was a jack of all trades and a master of many. It was because he was a master of many that he used his gifts to get the United States the funds it needed from France by having them fund so much of it that the French had a revolution of their own about a dozen years later. He was a runaway apprentice from Boston that showed up in Philadelphia penniless and took the printing business by storm. He reached the point where he retired very early, something that many today are trying to do. He was hardly idle. He pursued his interests in science, politics, writing, diplomacy, and a ton load of other stuff as a self-educated man. He was the called the first American and an polymath that upgraded the postal service. Maybe the postal service should ask him to run the place again, he’s just lying around somewhere in Philadelphia.

According to experts he displays traits of high functioning autism formerly called Asberger’s Syndrome. Highly focused in specific areas, yet this 18th century genius had incredible charm that would have buried some in the present age.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

He was the most gifted politician of his time and maybe the best ever to live in the White House. He created many of the agencies we have today. He set America to be like Germany under Bismark – a retirement plan for all Americans called Social Security. Among this Alphabet of programs is the WPA, CPA, CCC, FHA, FSA, HOLC, TVA, and a bunch more. After that he had to have us build a bunch of ships, tanks, guns, airplanes, bombers, jeeps, and other war stuff. We ended up being bombed by the Japanese in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt wanted us to get into the war but it was unpopular. Now with the nation really pissed off in a major way, he was able to get Congress to declare war. Because of that Great Britain never fell and western Europe became free. He set us on the path of being a superpower.

He was mentioned as inspiration though not by name in the movie, “Boys Town.” He came down with polo and lost the ability to walk. With the lose of his legs, he gained empathy at a higher level within a family known for doing a lot for the greater good for the common everyday person.

Mom summed him up best: He helped a crippled nation to walk.

Theodore Roosevelt

He was called a locomotive with trousers. He was the youngest man

to ever become President and was maybe the most athletic and energetic. He would have buried an entire Olympic track team and they had to take enough caffeine to get disqualified. In fact, he drank 16 cups of coffee a day and also was a tea drinker. Picture a gallon container, now picture a person drinking that much coffee a day. For my friends around the globe, this is 4 liters. Man this guy was wired. He enjoyed being in the White House and the only one in recent memory that enjoyed it as much by their own admission is Bill Clinton. He started the conservation of our parks and he is the reason why you don’t see condos on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

The Pure Food and Drug Act made it possible to open a can of tuna and not fear being poisoned. He had a gift with words inventing catch phrases as he went along and also was called enthusiasm personified and thanks to him we now have primaries to elect our president. He was a sickly child and through exercise managed to become a physical specimen. He also suffered from manic depression that were at time debilitating.

The constant work outs and caffeine helped keep his depression at bay. He was suffered tragedy most can only image, losing his wife and mother on the same day. Yet, when he went west to recover, he transformed himself into the Rough Rider America loved and he invented the modern Presidency in the process.

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