About The Blog

The Roots

We are here.  On this tiny dot of the vast universe of cyberspace is where we are.  The question is not how big we are but who we are.

We make up perhaps the weakest among the human family and yet we have great strength.

We are one of the few minorities that an Olympic champion can join in an accident and yet some of us are elite athletes and even the greatest Olympians of all time.  Yet some among us are crippled beyond repair and are shells housing hopefully a vital mind, screaming to be free.

We are heart ache and tears and yet those tears can wash away the pain and lead to a cry of triumph.

We are people with disabilities and yet we are leaders of empowerment  not just for our own kind but for the family of the entire human race.

This blog occupies a billionth of a billionth of a billionths of a billionth of the internet, yet on this tiny island we will make our stand.

My own experience and those I know among those with a  disability have shed rivers of blood and lakes of tears over the cruelty of others and at times extermination through genocide.

In the past few years Germany apologized for genocide of not just Jews, homosexuals, and others they deemed not as their equals but tested out their instruments of death on those they called useless eaters, there term for those with a disability, in their quest to purify humanity of it’s ugly imperfections.  And in their quest for beauty in the human form shown their ugliest face imaginable in the form of Nazi Germany.  At times we see this ugliness appear repeatedly. 

Sometimes in the thriving democracies as well as despotic dictatorships.

Some people with disabilities may test the nerves of others and showing a lack of effort, earn scorn of those who want to work hard and rise above their current situation.

Some even use guilt to get what they want planting the seeds of resentment and for those among us struggle and strive to improve, with anger, frustration and disgust.

So it is here where those of use with disabilities and those who wish to join our quest to improve ourselves  as well as for themselves we begin the journey.

We say no more to being under estimated and yes to a chance to give our all.