One Billion of Us


Why We Are Here

We humans think we are strong, because we dominate the planet.  Yet, here we are where 15% of the world - more in the developing world - have some form of disability.  Some stay with us for a limited time.  Some come to us through the feebleness of old age.  Many come by accidents or some misfortune life hands these souls.  Many, like myself, are born into this world and know no other view of the world.  

Disabilities vary widely in type, severity and also in combinations within the same person.  The phrase - as unique as a snowflake - comes to mind and with so much diversity one wonders if they can ever unite.  With so many, the world, which can be exceptionally cruel, might start giving grace to the unworthy. We start to show kindness and compassion to not just the disabled but to fellow members of the human family.  

With so much diversity, and apparently many obstacles against us uniting, to form truly a place of our own in the family of nations - we find ourselves on a mass medium that can unite us.  It is here in the annals of cyberspace that we make our stand.  Here at this blog we can hopefully have a voice for those who cannot speak to those we hope will hear.

This tiny sliver of the internet is one of the places we make our stand.  

This is our home.  Let's take care of each other like members of a family should.


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